Dr Shari Walsh

Dr Shari Walsh is an experienced psychologist and career development practitioner who utilises an holistic approach when working with clients. Shari is highly skilled in individual counselling, couples counselling, group workshops and seminars, and project work. Shari has a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and a PhD in Psychology from the Queensland University of Technology. She has worked as a psychology teacher, tutor, researcher, mentor, counsellor and career development practitioner.

In her psychology practice, Shari helps people from a range of backgrounds to grow their

  • Mental wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Career
  • Life

Shari provides a respectful supportive environment and uses a range of psychological therapies to assist her clients in the following areas

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Grief and Loss
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Communication & Conflict
  • Pregnancy Support
  • Parenting
  • Career development or transition
  • Life Direction

Shari is a registered Medicare provider and is a member of a number of professional associations including –

– Career Development Association of Australia (Professional Member)

– National Association of Graduate Career Advisory Services (Professional Member)

– Career Industry Council Australia (Member)



In addition to providing psychological counselling services, Shari is involved in a number of projects including:-


Resilient Researcher is a workshop program specifically designed by Dr Shari Walsh to assist Research Higher Degreee candidates build and maintain positive psychological wellbeing throughout their research degree and beyond.

Resilient Researcher Flyer

For an insight into Shari’s perspective and understanding of the challenges that Research Higher Degree candidates face, read this article.


Dr Shari Walsh was involved in this rewarding project to develop resources to enhance resilience and wellbeing among the legal profession.

Factsheets and videos featuring Shari are available on the Queensland Law Society website

Blogs/Articles by Shari

Shari authors a number of blogs and articles. Click here to view her articles.


RiAus presentation on Driven to Distraction – reasons why young drivers use mobile phones while driving. Click here to view.

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