Shelley Phillips

Shelley Phillips is a registered Psychologist with 18-years experience working to support clients within organisational and counselling psychology. She aims to support mental health and wellbeing via her warm, caring and evidence-based approach. Shelley tailors her therapeutic approach carefully to each client, largely focusing on cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology and strengths and values-based practice.

Shelley works with each client in a non-judgemental way to address the challenges of life and work. She is experienced in the areas of helping clients to tackle life’s challenges, as well as psychological assessment, suitability and preparedness for job selection, career development, addressing challenges and barriers to employment and work performance. Given Shelley’s experience working with emergency services, she has a keen interest in supporting clients who are exposed to work related traumatic stress.

Shelley’s experience aids her in supporting and assisting clients in the areas of:

  • Stress, supportive health strategies and wellbeing
  • Workplace concerns, stress and coping, including support for those working in demanding work roles to improve and maintain psychological wellbeing
  • Career challenges and changes
  • Workplace and interpersonal difficulties
  • Mid-life challenges, changes, direction
  • Job related exposure to trauma
  • Working with clients to understand and address anxiety and depression

Shelley has worked as a psychology lecturer, mentor and supervisor. She is a registered Medicare provider and private health insurance provider.  She is also a member of the Australian Psychological Society and is working towards joining the Disaster Recovery Network.

Shelley is currently available to see clients on Mondays and Wednesdays.