Reviewing goals and setting new ones for 2013?

Did you achieve your goals for 2012?

Often at this time of year, we reflect on whether we have achieved our goals for the year and also begin to make resolutions or goals for next year. The next couple of posts will focus on helping you identify your goals and the steps to achieve them.

If you are beating yourself up for not achieving everything you wanted last year – stop! Many factors intrude

into our lives and place constraints on what we want to do. We also need to look a bit deeper than just at the goal and focus on the underlying value. This is what we will be concentrating on in this post.

First, write down the goal/s that you want to achieve (or that you want to try to achieve again next year). Then, think about the underlying value that is reflected by the goal. For instance, if you wanted to start a photography course – the value/s may be ongoing education, self-development or creativity. Do this process for all your goals.

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