Career Counselling

Shari Walsh and Ann Evans are both experienced career development practitioners and psychologists. The combination of their psychological knowledge and career counselling experience enables them to address underlying issues which may be impacting on a clients ability to make decisions regarding their future.

In their career counselling, Shari and Ann utilise a strength based approach to assist their clients to

  •  identify and overcome barriers to success
  •  understand their skills, personal qualities and strengths
  •  find a career that is congruent with their personality, lifestyle and values
  •  develop effective application documents and interview skills
  •  decrease work-related stress and increase job/career satisfaction

Shari specialises in assisting university graduates and mature aged workers to enhance their current career or transition to a new career.  She is a member of the Career Development Association on Australia, the National Association of Graduate Career Advisory Services and the Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia.

Ann works with clients in all stages of the career spectrum from initial decision making regarding courses to mature age career change.