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Yoga has been found to improve many physical and psychological conditions. In these small group workshops we will use yoga as a therapy to benefit your body and mind by incorporating breathing techniques and relaxation/meditation exercises and learning tools you can use in everyday life.

Presented by Kylie Skillen (yoga teacher/yoga therapist and masseuse) these small yoga classes (five maximum) guarantee a supportive environment and individual attention.


Yoga for Depression-Thursdays 12pm to 1pm– 4 weeks- $120

  • Yoga has been found to improve the moods/emotional state of people experiencing depression as it balances the body’s neurotransmitters, improves sleep quality, digestion and stress responses.
  • Learn yoga poses, breathing and meditation techniques to balance the endocrine, nervous and immune systems.

Yoga for Stress and Anxiety–Wed 6.45 to 7.45pm– 4 weeks $120

  • Stress and anxiety have a huge impact on the health of the body and mind, impairing digestion, sleep quality, immune and nervous systems.
  • By connecting movement with our breath we change our body’s reaction to stressful situations and reduce the effects of living in the fast lane creating a sense of balance and relaxation.

Yoga for Menopause– Wed 5.30pm to 6.30pm– 4 weeks- $120

  • Yoga can play an important part in helping women to be healthy, calm and balanced during the menopausal transition.
  • Learn techniques to relieve symptoms, balance hormones, reduce stress and improve the health and vitality of your body.

Gentle Yoga – Thursdays 1.15pm to 2.15pm– 4 weeks- $120

  • Suitable for over 50’s, beginners, pregnancy and those with arthritis or C.F.S.
  • A more restorative, gentle yoga class designed to make yoga accessible by adjusting the pose to the individual.
  • Improve posture, breath and sleep quality and the health of your body and mind.


For bookings please contact Growth Psychology on 3356 2626 or use the contact us page on the website

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