Growth Careers

Growth Careers offers a psychological perspective to career counselling and coaching. The Growth Careers team apply the principles of positive psychology and utilise strength and values based approaches when assisting clients to build their career future.

Beth Keane is a psychologist and careers practitioner with over 15 years experience. Beth combines expertise in psychology, training, facilitation and careers to provide an holistic approach to career development. Beth provides individual consultations, workshops and seminars and online career coaching.

Berni Cooper is a professional coach with a Master of Applied Positive Psychology and a Bachelor of Social Sciences Hons (Psychology). She has over 15 years’ experience in coaching, mentoring, advising and training.

Chantelle Warren has expertise in both Clinical and Organisational Psychology giving her the unique capacity to support clients mental health and wellbeing while also supporting their career and addressing workplace concerns

Dr Shari Walsh is a psychologist and careers practitioner who specialises in assisting postgraduate research students, academics and university qualified mature aged workers with their career development. Shari assists her clients to develop practical skills and strategies to overcome issues impacting on their career.

Shelly Phillips is a registered Psychologist with 18-years experience working to support clients within organisational and counselling psychology. She is experienced in the areas of helping clients to tackle life’s challenges, as well as psychological assessment, suitability and preparedness for job selection, career development, addressing challenges and barriers to employment and work performance.

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