Couples & Relationships Counselling

Positive relationships are a key ingredient of life. They provide us with support, love, comfort and friendship. Couples counselling is non-judgmental and allows both partners to be heard in a supportive environment. You and your partner can learn skills and strategies to help your relationship flourish.

We have worked with couples at all stages of their relationship.

Relationship Counselling can help with:
  • decision making on the future of the relationship
  • preparing for marriage or living together
  • adjusting to changes in the relationship
  • re-connecting with your partner in long-term relationships

Most relationships experience difficulties at some time. Weeds such as disagreements over parenting styles or household chores, negative communication patterns, financial differences, differing goals, life changes such as children leaving home or retirement, splits in loyalties to family and friends can grow in relationships and result in stress, frustration, and unhappiness. The earlier you seek support to address these issues, the more likely it is that you and your partner can develop strategies to overcome these difficulties.