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Meet Our Professional Team

At Growth Psychology, we pride ourselves in providing a warm and welcoming environment so that our clients feel comfortable to discuss any issues which may be concerning them. All our psychologists and coaches are trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities which means they can tailor their approach to suit each individual client. Our team take a holistic strength-based approach to their psychology practice.

In addition to working with general wellbeing issues, each psychologist and coach at Growth Psychology has specialised interest areas.

Use the filters below to tick your areas of concern and find the psychologist or coach that is best matched to your needs.

Master of Applied Positive Psychology Bachelor of Social Sciences Hons (Psychology)
Berni is a professional coach with a Master of Applied Positive Psychology and a Bachelor of Social Sciences Hons (Psychology). She has over 15 years’ experience in coaching, mentoring, advising and training.
Bachelor Of Applied Science (Psychology) Post Grad Diploma Psychology
Beth is a registered Psychologist who has a passion for growth and development. She has over 15 years experience working in the tertiary education context and beyond in private practice consulting.
Chantelle has training in both Clinical and Organisational Psychology giving her the unique capacity to support clients mental health and wellbeing while also supporting their career and addressing workplace concerns.
Greg has worked in counselling and psychotherapy for over thirty years. He works with people to assist them to live better with the effects of trauma, depression, anxiety and family of origin issues in their lives.
Rita is a registered teacher and counselling psychologist who is dedicated to provide support and psychotherapy for a diverse range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, grief, life transitions and relationship issues.


Dr Shari Walsh is an experienced psychologist and career development practitioner who utilises an holistic approach when working with clients. Shari is highly skilled in individual counselling, couples counselling, group workshops and seminars, and project work.
Shelley Phillips is a registered Psychologist with 18-years experience working to support clients within organisational and counselling psychology. She aims to support mental health and wellbeing via her warm, caring and evidence-based approach.
Susanne has 18 years experience working with children, adolescents and their families in educational settings.  She has been in management and involved in staffing matters, counselling staff, resolving conflict and managing critical incidents in the workplace.